Wielkopolska National Park

Wielkopolska National Park

is a National Park within the Wielkopolska (Greater Poland) region of west-central Poland, approximately 15 km (9 mi) south of the regional capital, Poznań.


Together with the protective zone around it, it includes part of the Poznań Lakeland (Pojezierze Poznańskie) and parts of Poznań's Warta Gorge (Poznański Przełom Warty).

The main element of Park's flora are species of Euro-Syberian kind, like pine (making up 70% of Park's forests) as well as other forest plants. Soil here is of poor quality, only around waters it is better which enables plant life there to be more heterogeneous.

Unique in its character is Skrzynka Lake, which is partly covered by a thick layer of peat-bogs.
Park's fauna is characterized by richness of kinds, the best represented are insects with more than 3 thousand species. Forests are full of beets, also very rich is the world of spiders.

In lakes, there are several fish - trout, pike and eel. In Park thrive all kinds of amphibians which can be met on Polish plains and 5 species of reptiles, including lizards and grass-snake. Also, there are around 190 species of birds, with black woodpecker and buzzard. Mammals are represented by 40 species, with numerous kinds of bats.

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