Tarnów – A historical beauty on a tiny scale

one of the most welcoming cities in Poland, Tarnow in Lesser Poland Province, has become known for its friendly atmosphere.  Here tradition intertwines with modernity which teems with the hustle and bustle of everyday city life.


Tarnow wins over visitors with its narrow streets, which still follow the same layout as they did during the middle ages, the intriguing architecture of its manor houses, its fairytale-like Town Hall building and the remnants of its defensive walls.

Poles and Jews, together with other newcomers from Hungary, Ukraine, Germany, Scotland, Austria and the Czech Republic, have written the history of this town, thus giving it a multicultural dimension.

There are many different facets of this city that are worth exploring. Visitors can marvel at the exemplary samples of Italian Renaissance architecture or at the monuments that recount Jewish history in the region. Tarnow has a rich Jewish heritage, many traces of which are still visible today.  

The local Ethnographic Museum is also worth a visit as it has the only exhibition in Europe devoted to the history and culture of the Romani people.  

Near Tarnow is the village of Zalipie which has become famous for its subtle ceramics and quaint cottages that have been painted with floral motifs. Info: POT Warszawa

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