Branicki Palace

Branicki Palace

was designed and built between 1743 and 1750 by Jan Zygmunt Deybel.

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The late Baroque style of the palace is evident: two large wings are at right angles to the body of the main building and a large courtyard and portico columns adorn the palace from the side facing Podwale Street.

Jakub Fontana was in charge of the interior design, and sculptures by Jan Chryzostom Redler were placed on the Podwale Street side in 1750.

Between 1771-1804 the palace was an important centre of cultural life of Warsaw, thanks to receptions and events held by Princess Izabella Branicka.

In 1918, the palace was owned by Franciszek Salezy Potocki. In September 1939, the building was burned, and then completely destroyed during the Warsaw Uprising. Between 1947-1953 it was reconstructed based on designs by Borys von Zinserling, and it then became a state building, housing different offices such as the Ministry of Higher Education (1953-1966), the Committee of Science and Technology (1966-1972) and the Ministry of Higher Scientific Education (1972-1987). offers - Flights to Poland - Bus and Coach - Hotels in Poland

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