owes its fame to the Działynski family.


At the beginning of the19th century, Tytus Działynski redecorated the Kórnik castle, thus not only converting it into a comfortable residence but, at the same time, a library with an extensive collection of literary works and a museum of national tokens.

His effort was continued by his son, Jan and, his nephew (Tytus's grandson) Władysław Zamoyski, subsequently.

The last owner of the Kórnik castle and mansion decided in his last will to donate it to the Polish nation, altogether with the library and various works of art.

Today, the castle is administered by the Kórnicka Library of Polish Academy of Sciences.

The visitors feel enchanted by the legend of the White Lady and the beauty of the castle's interior, particularly the Moresque Hall and various collected exhibits.

Info: www.bkpan.poznan.pl

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